with thousands of
security alerts flooding
your monitoring screens?

to multiple tools
to carry out
your day to day jobs?

Need to
maturity of your
security operations teams?

SocView brings a revolutionary solution to an old but still existing “key” problem in the security operations domain…

ELIMINATE alert overload, OPTIMIZE productivity and ENHANCE maturity of your security operations teams.

Built for Cyber Security Analysts, by Cyber Security Analysts.

Go beyond the traditional and reactive approach to security operations with SocView. Embrace a proactive and predictable approach to security operations and enhance compliance.

Optimize, Empower and Enhance.

SocView is the industry’s first standalone and intelligent “integrated security operations platform”. A centralized case management solution that helps streamline alert management, while maximizing the productivity and effectiveness of your security analysts.

SocView enables organizations to

  • Centralize security alerts from diverse sources into one centralized platform
  • Unify diverse security operation team functions onto one centralized platform and enhance internal intelligence sharing
  • Simplify alert management to eliminate overload
  • Increase the speed and agility of security analysts
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations teams

Key Benefits

Integrate Security Operations

Unify diverse security alerts, processes and teams onto one centralized & integrated management console and enhance effectiveness and efficiency of security operations

Eliminate Alert Overload

Eliminate alert overload and enable security analysts to focus only on the most relevant alerts

Centralize & Enhance Incident Response

Adopt a unified and consistent incident response process across all security operations teams and enhance response times for all security events

Real Time Reporting

Leverage real time dashboards to detect and respond faster to potential security issues as they occur while providing a 360 degree view of security operations

Integrated Knowledge Management

Simplify availability of key critical knowledge to security analysts as well as retain knowledge within the organization

Enhance ROI

Enhance efficiency & ROI of security analysts by enabling them to do more, in less