As organizations onboard new security products to combat the ever growing and sophisticated cyber-attacks, the core problem of alert overload continues to grow with every new product also generating more alerts for security operations teams to manage.
With SocView, now there is a better way to manage alerts and reduce the overload.
Built for Cyber Security Analysts, by Cyber Security Analysts.

SocView is the industry’s first “standalone and intelligent” integrated security operations platform for cyber security operations.

An intelligent solution that helps streamline alert management, while maximizing productivity and ROI of your security analysts.

Go beyond the traditional and reactive approach to cyber security with SocView.

We optimize existing security technology and processes while empowering your security analysts in the Cyber Security Operation Center (SOC) to do more, in less time.

Developed by experts with extensive technical and talent management experience in the cyber/information security arena.

SocView can seamlessly fit into any technology landscape to deliver higher value and ROI.

SocView enables organizations to

  • Centralize security alerts from diverse sources into one centralized platform
  • Unify diverse security operation team functions onto one centralized platform and enhance internal intelligence sharing
  • Simplify alert management to reduce overload
  • Increase the speed and agility of security analysts
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations teams


  • Boosts cyber security operations
  • Security operations automation
  • Centralized knowledge management
  • Ensures process adherence
  • Enhances knowledge retention capabilities
  • Enhances reporting capabilities