Our Mission

Our mission is to empower enterprises, service provider and product vendors with standalone security automation platform to optimize their security operations with existing tools and investment so as to achieve highest productivity and efficiency.


With over 125+ years of aggregate experience in the cyber security industry, the SocView team is well aware of the problems security analysts’ face in SOCs and potential solutions to improve the efficiency and productivity of the analysts at the operational layer through SocView Solutions.

Jayanth Varma


19 years of experience in security with extensive exposure to security operations in multiple large global enterprises.

Prasanna Kumar


24 years of extensive experience in enterprise program management related to information security, risk and compliance domains.


Ravindranath Palahalli

35 years of experience in product & quality engineering with a very strong entrepreneur record.

Krishna Raj Sharma

25 years of experience driving enterprise sales of network & security products

Product Offerings

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Simplify manual processes via automation and orchestration to increase efficiency of security operations team with SocView.

Vulnerability Remediation Management (VRM)

Streamline remediation process for whole organization by standardizing remediation with one consistent process.

Enhance your team capabilities.

Use SocView to centralize alerts and reduce duplicates. SocView empowers security teams to respond to more volume of alerts in same amount of time without overload.