The Challenge

The typical large enterprise today has multiple security products, multiple teams and too many alerts that appear daily. With such complex operational landscapes, security teams are often overstretched and buried with way too many manual processes.

Additionally, every organization is unique in terms of its technical landscape, which makes it a key challenge for vendors to provide products that can help the organizations scale to their specific processes and drive value rapidly.


SocView is an open and standalone security automation platform that can be rapidly configured to meet your unique and specific needs.

SocView Product Offerings

Security Operations Center (SOC) Product Offering

The SOC offering helps centralize all your different SOC teams into a single pane of glass solution. SocView helps eliminate duplicate alerts across all teams, streamlines ticket management while providing organizations with 360-degree real time dashboards that cover your entire SOC function.

Leverage on SocView’s open automation engine to flexibly automate and orchestrate responses in line with your organizations specific needs.

Rapid customization

SocView is highly customizable security automation platform that can be quickly configured to work with any SOC tool. This helps to make the changes quicker and helps in performing faster than ever before.

Unified Real-time dashboard

SocView tracks all security tasks and provides an intuitive, easy-to-use and highly flexible interface to manage incident response cases dynamically. Within any case record, the analyst can interact with all data and critical components related to an incident.

Streamlined Ticket management

With robust automation and orchestration capabilities, SocView can also be leveraged to automate many manual tasks related to alert investigation and ticket management for multiple security operations functions.

Centralized Alerts

SocView collects security alert and event data from virtually any security platform with minimal effort. It then automatically responds to alerts using automated workflows and centralizes the data into a single screen.

Work any alert, once.

SocView maintains past attack and case databases which provides past event details to security analysts automatically. This helps in eliminating duplicate alerts and prioritizing them.

Security automation and orchestration

Leverage SocView's automation and Orchestration capabilities. From alert centralization, process workflow to eliminating alert duplicates, SocView can correlate and contextualize data and distribute among different security teams through streamlined ticket management.

Vulnerability Remediation Management (VRM) Offering

The VRM offering helps organizations automate and streamline vulnerability remediation management. Scans from AppSec, Network and VA/PT scanners are directly integrated with SocView to provide you with a 360-degree real time vulnerability dashboard covering your entire vulnerability stack.

Leverage a highly intelligent single pane of glass solution for your complete vulnerability management needs. Integrate with different ticketing, patch management and GRC systems to manage your vulnerability remediation processes.

Centralize Vulnerability Remediation

Centralize vulnerability scan logs from Network, AppSec and VA/PT solutions into one centralized console.

Work any vulnerability, once.

Past attack and case database provides past vulnerability and its case details to security analysts automatically.

Eliminate Duplicates

Automatically eliminate recurring vulnerabilities

Leverage Automation and Orchestration capabilities

Scale SocView to any existing remediation process and migrate to a highly automated process.

Streamline vulnerability remediation for whole organization

Standardize remediation with one consistent process across the organization

Real time dashboards and reports

Provides for a centralized, 360-degree real-time vulnerability management dashboards and reports.

Enhance your team capabilities.

Use SocView to centralize alerts and reduce duplicates. SocView empowers security teams to respond to more volume of alerts in same amount of time without overload.